An Arrest in New York

The Types of Arrest in New York

Generally, there are two types of arrests in the state of New York. The first is the most traditional type of arrest. What we all see on television and the movies, The police officer has discovered a crime was committed and has determined it was serious enough for that person to be places in handcuffs and brought immediately to the station for booking purposes.

This arrestee is then housed at the precinct in lock-up, transported to the central booking in Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Bronx, and Staten Island until it its their turn to see a judge. In Nassau and Suffolk, they may be transported directly from the precinct to the court.

On the other hand, there is the second type of arrest. This is what is called an arrest made by a Desk Appearance Ticket or a Field Appearance Ticket. Desk appearance tickets are generally given your to people for a low level type crime. This means they are written up for a crime on a short form ticket (short form means they merely give the time and place of the occurrence, the charge, and the name of the arresting officer, if you can read it). The ticket will also list the address of the courthouse with the time and place you must appear at.

These tickets are given out to this individuals that are not deemed dangerous enough to be housed over night. Sometimes, a person is brought to a precinct. It and fingerprinted and processed and simply given the ticket with the next court date on it. However, some are just given out or served to people on the street.

Remember, even though it looks a parking or traffic ticket, read the bottom. it will list the criminal courthouse you must appear at on a given day. And that dear readers, those are two types of arrest.

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