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Attorney Dennis Dowd’s outstanding qualifications

Attorney Dennis Dowd is dedicated, loyal, trustworthy, and efficient. His defense presentation includes all the knowledge acquired while serving with the Suffolk County District Attorney’s office for 7 years. He knows how the prosecutorial adversary thinks and reacts. Moreover, Mr. Dowd will insure that your constitutional rights are fully respected throughout the entire process of your case. Remember that the quality of counsel is a critical factor determining your case’s presentation and its final outcome. Mr. Dowd’s quality of counsel is of the highest caliber. This is based on his vast experience of the modern day criminal justice system and its impact on your case. Dennis Dowd protected all my rights and he will protect yours.

- (5 star review)

He will never fail you

Dennis is loyal, trustworthy, honest any time I retain him I never had to worry. I would put my life in his had. He make himself totally available. Returns all call in a timely manor. His know the law inside out. And with that s very humble caring human.

- (5 star review)

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