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Courthouse exterior“Innocent Until Proven Guilty”

As former senior prosecutor, I now practice by criminal defense.  I represent clients  in the five boroughs and Long Island.  I have built my private practice around one single goal: protecting the rights of my clients as I fight on their behalf for a successful result.

My philosophy and approach to helping clients is about  representing people and not simply handling “cases” by moving them through the system. I work closely with clients on an individual basis as I fight for them and pursue the best course of action for their individual situation.

Since 2002, I have been practicing in the local courts and have the expertise to guide clients through the criminal justice system.  Here, we work for the best possible outcome for our clients

The prosecution has already begun building their case against you and behind the scenes they’re working aggressively to strengthen their case.  Every second counts and most likely you haven’t even started building your defense.

The prosecution has tax dollars to spend and can work tirelessly in their efforts, but who is helping you?  Criminal charges very often have life altering consequences and without a proper criminal defense your chances of beating the prosecution are limited at best.

When you retain me as your legal representative I begin working on your case immediately.  Every day that goes by without someone aggressively fighting for your rights is critical.

  • I will demand that the prosecution turn over your case records to my office
  • I conduct my own private and independent investigation
  • Conduct witness, victim and expert interviews

Finding weakness in the prosecution’s case while uncovering opportunities to build a winning defense is the main focus and overall strategic approach I employ when handling criminal matters.

As a former criminal prosecutor I have a distinct advantage when representing clients that other defense lawyers can’t match.  I know the system and how the prosecution team thinks and works because I was one of them for a long time.  Today I use that knowledge and experience to help my clients minimize the dramatic effects a criminal charge can have.

Every situation is unique and so is every defense, don’t you want the best?  Your freedom may be depending on it.

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The Stages of a Criminal Case

  • The Arrest: What circumstances lead to an arrest? What do arrest warrants typically include? Explore the arrest process.
  • Booking and Bond: What’s the difference between bail and bond? Find out more about the different types of bonds and how to work with a bondsman.
  • The Arraignment: What are your rights to counsel? Read about your first court appearance and how the arraignment process usually works.
  • The Plea Bargain: When are plea deals offered? What happens after a plea bargain? Discover the benefits of making a plea deal.
  • The Preliminary Hearing: Under what circumstances is a preliminary hearing part of a criminal case? What happens during the hearing?
  • Pre-trial Motions: What are pre-trial motions? What is the purpose of these motions? Learn about how a defense lawyer can help.
  • The Trial: Explore the process including jury selection, opening statements, presentation of cases, closing statements and jury deliberation.
  • The Sentencing: What are some penalties that you may face with a conviction? What does the judge take into consideration when choosing the sentence?
  • The Appeal Process: How does the appeals process work? What is a typical timeline of an appeal?

I cover all areas of criminal defense, including but not limited to:

All Felony Charges All Misdemeanor Charges Parole Violations White Collar Crimes
Money Laundering Assault Robbery Arson
Burglary Domestic Violence Kidnapping Homicide
Manslaughter Drug Distribution Drug Possession Drug Manufacturing
DWI Hit and Run Vehicular Manslaughter Reckless Driving
Sexual Assault Rape

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